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“ Reducing Road Danger: Empowering Local Communities”.

We’re delighted that our Conference (jointly organised with RoadPeace) which was due to be held in April, will now happen as two webinars on October 22nd and 29th at 4 pm:

 “ Reducing Road Danger: Empowering Local Communities”.

Do register (for free) here  as soon as possible.


October 22nd – speakers

  • Welcome – Baroness Jones, President, Road Danger Reduction Forum
  • Vision Zero: Enforcement and reducing road danger” (including using 3rd party reporting) Andy Cox, formerly Superintendent, Metropolitan Police Roads and Traffic Police.
  • How important is dashcam footage when a crash happens?” Ciara Lee, RoadPeace.
  • Madison/Cycliq bike camera lights
  • Nextbase Dashcams
  • “Cycling Mikey“
  • October 29th – speakers
  • Welcome – Baroness Jones, President, Road Danger Reduction Forum
  • Reducing speeds in your neighbourhood – 20mph speed limits, Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) and Community RoadwatchJeremy Leach, Action Vision Zero.
  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Winning over the local community”: Clare Rogers, London Cycling Campaign.
  • Involving your Police and Crime CommissionerVictoria Lebrec, RoadPeace.
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Including Dr Robert Davis, Chair RDRF


Moore Barlow

Madison UK for CYCLIQ

Nextbase Uk Dashcams

The two webinars can be seen here :

Webinar 2

Webinar 1

“Reducing road danger: Empowering local communities in London”

We have decided to POSTPONE rather than CANCEL this conference until later this year – we will set a new date in the summer with our speakers as the COVID-19 situation develops. We have had substantial interest in the conference and think it would be wrong to abandon it. Regrettably road danger will not disappear in the meantime, and the need for such events will continue. Hopefully a new spirit of concern for public safety in the current emergency can give impetus to efforts to reduce road danger.

We look forward to re-posting details of the event later in the year.

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Close passing policing starts up in London

The main RDRF activity this year has been supporting the roll out of police operations targeting close passing of cyclists and related behaviours. Today we were pleased to attend and support the launch of the Met’s initiative in this kind of law enforcement, called “Space for Cyclists”, in south London.

RDRF Chair Dr Robert Davis with Duncan Dollimore of CyclingUK and Sgt. Andy Osborne of the Met’s Cycle Safety Team

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The Michael Mason case, law enforcement and the Traffic Justice Alliance

There has been (in our view, justified) outrage about the case of Michael Mason who was run down and killed in central London in February 2014 (reported here and specifically on the inquest here by Martin Porter QC ) largely because the driver was not charged and prosecuted for any driving offence.  Issues have been raised about traffic law enforcement which coincide with our conference in November 2014  and the formation of the Traffic Justice Alliance which hopes to address them. Below is our take on the issues, including the response of the Mayor of London to this case.


 Michael Mason and his daughter Anna Tatton-Brown (Ross Lydall)

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Will the Parliamentary debate do any good?


 Photo: Jack Thurston (The Bike Show)

Last night RDRF Committee members Dr. Robert Davis and Ken Spence took part in the “flashride” organised to show cyclists’ presence to MPs ahead of today’s debate. It was a happy and peaceful event with hundreds (or more)  turning out to support ways to reduce danger to cyclists and others. We’re pleased to be part of this movement, not least with the joyful way it manifests itself.

Unfortunately, my view is that little of benefit will come from today’s debate. I hope this is wrong – but here’s why I’m pessimistic. Continue reading

Parliamentary debate on Cyclist Safety

New Picture (2b)Above is a list of organisations including ourselves,  who have signed the briefing note drafted by the UK Cycling Alliance for the debate on Cycle Safety on Thursday. Below we reprint the text.

We signed this note since it states some very simple and basic points which any reasonable person or organisation should be able to support. The down side is that – precisely because it is so basic -we will need something a lot more forceful and detailed if we are to get a genuine commitment towards achieving a properly civilised approach to the safety and well being of cyclists (and indeed other road users). After all,  if it hadn’t been so basic the AA would not have signed it. (And don’t hold your breath for seeing the RDRF logo alongside the AA’s again!)  Continue reading

RoadPeace event

Saving people and planet

a road danger reduction approach for a safer fairer world

So here’s some good news for a change – an event promoting road danger reduction : do get along to this event next week (May 11th at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) organised by our friends RoadPeace. Read about it here. It is based on a very traditional “road safety” initiative which hopefully RoadPeace will distance itself from.