Lecture by RDRF Chair Robert Davis, October 27th 2011


Faculty of Engineering, Science and the Built Environment, Department of Urban Engineering:    Extra-curricular transport lectures series

“What’s wrong with the ‘road safety’ industry?”


A lecture by Dr Robert Davis

Chair of the Road Danger Reduction Forum

Thursday 27th October 2011 12.30pm to 1.30pm Room LR375

LSBU London Road Building, Building Number 11 on the map at

http://www.lsbu.ac.uk/about/maps.shtml (Access via London Road only)


 Dr Davis will argue that the ideological and institutional basis of what is officially known as ‘road safety’ is actually part of the problem of danger on the roads. A radical reappraisal of the theory and practice of ‘road safety’ is necessary to formulate a civilized approach to safety on the road – for real road safety – for the 21st Century.


 Dr Robert Davis is a founder member and now Chair of the Road Danger Reduction Forum http://www.rdrf.org.uk, set up in 1993 after publication of his ‘Death on the Streets: Cars and the mythology of road safety’. He has worked as transport planner in local government the last 25 years.

 If you would like to attend, please inform Professor John Parkin so that your name may be added to the list for access purposes

(j.parkin@lsbu.ac.uk, 020 7815 7160)