Transport in the time of COVID-19: What we need to do NOW UPDATE 28th April

Below is a copy of slides presented to Brian Deegan’s “Ideas with Beers” Zoom session today 5 pm:

Transport in the time of COVID-19: Update 28/04/2020 – 6th week lockdown

See and the update up until a week ago



Stuff to read


Mark Strong: (Ranty thinks: Looks like a good summary to me, but they’ve missed S65(1) which I’d argue would include a cycle track to be created with cones, barriers etc.)

Adrian Lord: “That’s an excellent roundup of the situation and a good cross reference to policy. I’m wondering if the Minister could make a statement to confirm that S14(1) RTRA1984 would be reasonable to use to mitigate “danger” ..”



Stuff to DO!

Cycling UK
Living Streets
Transport Action Network
House of Commons Transport Committee
+ thank your local roads and traffic police when they try to cut road danger!!!!!!!



Stuff that’s happening abroad

Some roads and walkways across Auckland will change as we roll out new initiatives to assist with safe physical distancing moving into Alert Level 3. By Tuesday 27th , 17km of temporary cycle space will be installed across the city.
Barcelona is taking space from cars. 21km new bike lanes. 12km additional pedestrian space.
Brussels Reyerslaan is redesigned, the parking lane makes way for a new cycle path.
Paris will fast-track a regional plan, adding 403.8 mi. (650 km) of bikeways (the most yet). Many will be delivered with temporary materials before May 11th when the city re-opens. The plan requires 72% of on-street parking to be removed.
Lima 300 kms bike lane.(Influenced by discussion on #Ideaswith beers!)
FRANCE: 1 region, 3 departments, 15 cities announce plans for temporary bike lanes
Check @MikeLydon for international updates



Stuff that’s happening in the UK (1.)

Cambridge Another “looking at”
Ipswich: Suffolk County Council closing Waterfront to cars.
London. Much awaited announcement from Will Norman last Thursday, details still to come…
Leicester: Key workers corridor near hospital
Manchester. Chris Boardman and Mayor met on Friday. Traffic signals have been changed to reduce waiting time.  CB says: “Great enthusiasm for Leaders who attended the meeting to ensure people not travelling by car are protected. From what I’ve seen so far, some solid measures being planned for imminent action.
SCOTLAND: £10 million available for pop-up bike lanes and footway extensions
Wirral: Response to enquiry: “We are aware of the potential for utilising other roadspace for sustainable modes temporarily during the current Covid-19 restrictions. Whilst we consider that this would be difficult to achieve on the highway network for a variety of reasons, we will continue to review this.  We will be monitoring other areas who may move forward to do this, as at the present time there are very few which have actually implemented anything significant.”(Update 28/04 – they do now appear to be “looking” in a more focussed way) and 1st May King’s parade in New Brighton will be closing to cars from Monday 4th, between Harrison Dr and the Clown roundabout.

Lambeth 24.04 @clairekholland “…emergency plans to reduce road danger & enable safe social distancing We face an emergency on our streets with spiralling speeds & lack of space to socially distance. We will widen pavements for pedestrians at some of our busiest pinch points. We will make interventions in our neighbourhoods that reduce road danger whilst connecting our town centres with safe routes to enable social distancing & safe access to our amazing local businesses. We will make improvements to cycleway 5 to make it safer… As restrictions are lifted we will mitigate against rat running & congestion as car use increases. More details on the specifics to follow this week.” (See next slide)
Hammersmith and Fulham 22nd April First footway extensions. King St. and A4020
Ealing A small footway extension outside Lidl’s taking half a loading bay.
Lewisham ETOs for filtered permeability?
Wandsworth LCC sent a letter to lead for Transport and got a positive reply
Tower Hamlets removing tactical urbanism…

Hackney 7 footway widening measures, Broadway Market completely closed to traffic from today, and proposed extension of modal filters across Hackney.

Richmond “building an “post-Covid transport action plan” to “make sure that active travel… remain and improve as options within our borough”


Stuff that’s happening in the UK (2.)

As from last night (27.04.2020) first HA in UK to have an overall programme of changes is LB Lambeth:
You have to read the detail in Appendix 1. yourself but note:

The cost of make the recommended borough wide traffic order is £3.5K.
£75K allocated (small beer for highways expenditure, great if you can get recognisable change)
Some stuff about “where space allows” …
Writing to TfL for support on “it’s” roads + recommended change to CC etc. zones.
Don’t expect massive changes and they happen in phases, so mid-May before the more noticeable ones – but this is something which includes a number of changes needed and is Borough wide. And it’s the first HA in the UK to do this as we go into 6th week of lockdown

Thanks to Danny Williams and others finding out about developments






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