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Christian Wolmar gets it right on Cycling England

The RDRF has had a friendly enough relationship with top transport commentator Christian Wolmar for some time – he gave the keynote speech at our Leicester conference way back in the 90s –  although I’ve been disappointed that he’s stayed too far over in the “road safety”, as opposed to road danger reduction, camp.

But there’s no doubt about his latest piece for Transport Times where he is absolutely spot on in opposing any threat to the existence of Cycling England. Continue reading

Boris and the ass question: Part Two – cycle super highways

  Discussing what is or should be a “cycle route” is one of the more tedious (but necessary)  parts of considering cycling as a mode of transport). All roads except motorways can be seen as “cycle routes”: if you want to use a bicycle to get from where you live to where you need to go, you have to use the public highway.

 That said, there is a plausible case for engineering the highway to reduce danger and inconvenience for cyclists, so there is a need for engineering at particular dangerous or inconvenient locations for cyclists like large gyratory systems. Or a network of signed cycle routes. Or both. In fact, it is arguable that without doing anything special “for cyclists”, all roads should have danger to cyclists engineered out of them as much as possible as a matter of course.

 So what has happened in London? Continue reading