RDRF Chair on Top Gear

Should an advocate of Road Danger Reduction appear on Top Gear? Back in 1993 the programme was reasonably civilised and I was pleased to appear on it. So here is the current Chair of the Road Danger Reduction Forum explaining a basic point about the measurement of danger.


For more on the measurement of danger, see this

2 thoughts on “RDRF Chair on Top Gear

  1. T.Foxglove

    Interesting & sad to see that we are still having the same conversations about what to do about road danger.

    The lady at 0:50secs though, what was she on about? Looked like she’d never crossed a road.

  2. rdrf Post author

    I wasn’t there when she was attempting to cross. However I do know that the road (then and now) has high speed motor traffic and I suspect she wasn’t being given enough time to cross.


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