Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce : how to avoid this type of scenario


Chris Huhne and Vicky pryce: Photo AOL

The letter below was published in the Guardian

• Some of your correspondents (9 March) appear to regard such antisocial behaviour as trivial, deserving of “a fine and a wigging from the beaks”. Hardly an effective deterrent when Mr Huhne’s previous driving conviction and three-month ban didn’t appear to have much of an effect. Perhaps this case will encourage drivers to be more careful, and to avoid wriggling out of their obligation to accept minor penalties on the rare occasions they are caught.
Dr Robert Davis
Chair, Road Danger Reduction Forum

In fact it was quite heavily truncated: the main points I was trying to make were:

If you are a motorist and want to avoid this kind of Huhne/Pryce scenario:

  1. Try driving properly. It won’t hurt you to check up on the Highway Code from time to time.
  2. If you can’t do that, try to obey the law: breaking speed limits is against the law.
  3. If you can’t do that, with speeding at least watch out for the obviously placed warning signs and brightly painted speed cameras. They are, after all, only in a few places which are chosen because the right threshold of reported casualties has been breached there. Their locations are also on SatNavs and websites: it really shouldn’t be too difficult.
  4. Once you have some points – you normally need to get caught more than once to get banned – then make an extra effort. Look at the speedometer from time to time, or get one of the devices which reminds you when you are breaking the speed limit. This was the FOURTH time in just over a year Mr. Huhne was caught speeding  – what kind of problem have you got?
  5. If, after all that, you still can’t stop speeding, then when you finally get enough points to get banned, man up and admit it. Chris Huhne is a rich guy who can afford taxis and chauffeurs, there are often alternatives even in the kind of car-centred society we live in nowadays. (Although “needing  car for your job” shouldn’t be an excuse for law-breaking anyway)

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