Welcome to the refurbished site

As regulars will have noted, this site has changed appearance: in fact it has had a major overhaul and will now be less prone to being hacked into.  We are working out how to change what goes on the site: so far we have not had Comments, but this may change.

The view of the Chair is that Comments are not only an effort to moderate, but also not necessarily a big contributor to meaningful debate and education. I note that what can happen on some supposedly open sites where comments come in that:

  • When comments get close to the bone they are “moderated” out.
  • There is lots of tedious repetition of views – generally in support of the main poster, which is nice for one’s self-esteem (or vanity?) but not really that positive.
  • Comments can be useful when there is a significant benefit from people with something brief and previously unknown contributing. I think this happens with bits of news over a specific campaign, such as the protest at Addison Lee. (BTW, what happened to that campaign?).

However, I do read the comments that come in and they are noted. We may run an open post on a specific issue at some time, or have a Comments section – nothing is finally decided.

We may also drag ourselves into the 21st Century with twitface or whatever: at the moment we are updating the site with replacing images, getting the Links back on, and hopefully having “Death on the Streets: cars and the mythology of road safety” downloadable.

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