Looking for a New Year's Resolution?

Looking for a New Year’s Resolution? Here’s something that you may wish to consider as an activity to kick off the New Year:
The “Cycling Lawyer”, Martin Porter, has written to the Home Secretary about matters relating to the commitment of the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service towards prosecution of careless and dangerous motoring http://thecyclingsilk.blogspot.com/2010/12/open-letter-to-home-secretary.html . The cases he refers to involve (alleged) cases of threats and assault on him, and take place within the context of (alleged) careless or dangerous driving. They have relevance for all cyclists, as he points out.
In fact they are relevant for pedestrians as well, and possibly other road users who may suffer as a result of the motorist behaviour described. Although there is (supposed) Government support for cycling as a healthy and sustainable transport option as he points out, the problems Porter refers to would be problems even without this policy – they are problems which have existed and never been properly addressed over the last century of motorisation. Endangering others in the ways Porter describes is a form of behaviour which a society should consider as seriously unacceptable, whether their form of transport is specifically promoted by Government, or not.
Porter has suggested that others write to the Home Secretary, and we understand that some are already doing so. So if you actually want to DO something…but watch out for possible misdirection of your letter http://thecyclingsilk.blogspot.com/2010/12/home-office-response.html .
RDRF will be discussing this area of concern with our colleagues in RoadPeace as an area of activity in 2011.