How are you going to cope?

The car dominated transport policies of New Labour continue – with knobs on! We have the added feature that those now in charge appear to think that we had “a war on the motorist”. Similarly, “road safety” policy is still often an inversion of reality: greater danger can be presented as a “better road safety record”.

Then your job as a transport professional, funded (directly or indirectly) by Government, is under threat, as is the support for any voluntary sector backed campaigns that you may be involved with.

Tackling global warming? Making those responsible for danger on the roads accountable? Having some UK cities with a cycling modal share just somewhere remotely near that of, er, Cambridge? Accepting that the aggregated number of “Road Traffic Accidents” may not be a good measure of how safe a road is?

A civilised road safety and transport policy seems as far away as ever.

So how are you going to cope?
We hope that the next couple of posts will give some suggestions that might give you some support.

Of course, they won’t actually, in themselves, change anything. Indeed, the picture of a world too much in sway to “Drive when I want, how I want, where I want. Without being held accountable for danger or paying a proper price for motoring – and presenting myself as an oppressed victim” may make you even more depressed.

But at least you can find out that there are others who have realised that something is wrong, and that there are ideas out there about what could be done.

And to cheer you up, here are (OK, Dutch) cyclists getting past congested motor traffic in the snow.
Leiden in the snow